215195_214384978613695_3689348_nAs we approach the half-way mark of the semester, you and your club are probably beginning to look at what projects you can be doing to make a difference in the lives of orphans around the world.


Here at Show Hope, we believe that students are capable of far more than most adults give them credit for, but sometimes even the best of us need a boost. So we’ve compiled a list of projects to help get the creative juices flowing and give your club a jumpstart!


Whether your club has been around over a year, this is your first semester as a club, or you’re just beginning to consider what it looks like the start a club, this list is to help YOU!

#1: Write Letters to Staff and Children in a Children’s Home-

Find a local children’s home or one somewhere in your state and write encouraging letters to the staff and the children there. This can be a super easy and fun activity for your club to do during a meeting! You could fill a journal with words of encouragement or simply draw pictures and make fun signs. Be super creative! Just contact the place you would like to send them to and see if there are any guidelines or rules you should keep in mind.


208004_179038398815020_3532360_n#2: Garage Sale-

Your club can host a garage sale! Challenge each member in the club to donate a couple of items to sell, as well as ask friends/family to donate things. You can also make things like bracelets or baked goods to sell. Promote the garage sale via social media, word of mouth, and posters/flyers. The money you raise can go to Show Hope, a family in your community who is adopting, or a children’s home in your area.


#3: Collect Supplies for Show Hope’s Care Centers-

Show Hope has 4 Care Centers in China that currently provide life-giving medical care to hundreds of orphans with special needs. Click here to find an updated list of supplies that are currently needed at these Care Centers. Your club could have a collection drive and donate supplies to Show Hope! For inspiration, check out this awesome story about a Show Hope advocate who recently collected supplies for Maria’s Big House of Hope, Show Hope’s flagship Care Center: Collecting Supplies for MBHOH


We’ll be continuing this list in a series of blog posts, so stayed tuned for more project ideas!
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What project ideas do you have? Comment below and let us know!