What is the Movement?

Show Hope’s Movement Clubs are groups of student-led, orphan-care service clubs in high schools all across America. It’s an opportunity for you to take a stand and be the difference in the life of an orphan! Students are capable of far more than most adults are giving them credit for. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the 140+ Million orphans in the world!

How it All Began

In November of 2010, five students sat behind a table at Show Hope’s fundraising banquet, listening to stories of children who had found hope through adoption into forever families. The stories, the faces, and the words moved us. Our hearts ached as we thought about the more than 140 million orphans who did not have hope. We were challenged by the tragic, yet typical stereotype given to the youth across the nation that is immature, irresponsible and incapable of leading a life changing organization.

As students and teenagers, we knew we could be the difference to orphans around the world. We realized that we have so many resources and gifts that can be used to be the difference.

So it was behind that table that we made a decision and a pact to begin a movement of students.

The Movement would be made up of students dedicated to stepping away from their own selfish ambitions and stepping into caring for orphans. At the same time, the desire to start orphan care clubs was growing in the heart of yet another student. When these students were brought together, with the help of Show Hope and God-given guidance, the dream began to become a reality.

Together, we introduced the new concept of orphan care clubs to the student world.

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