Whether you’re a high school freshman or a senior in college, it’s never too early or too late to consider a career in orphan care. As with any work that is rooted in heart and purpose, careers in adoption and orphan care are incredibly rewarding. This field often requires a great deal of patience, empathy, and dedication, but these opportunities are very fulfilling if you can find the right role to fit your skill set!


The options for a career in adoption and orphan care are many. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Adoption Specialists conduct home studies for initially approved families, as well as work to place children into families and provide post-placement adoptive training and resources.


  1. Pregnancy Counselors help expectant parents make informed decisions when facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing resources, on-going support, and presenting adoption as a positive and viable option.


  1. Youth Specialists provide care and supervision to youth residents in the program, ensuring their developmental needs are met in a supportive environment, while enhancing their ability to meet treatment goals, tutor for educational growth, and supervise their safety.


  1. Case Managers assess each family and child situation on an individual basis, developing recommendations for services and resources while also assisting the adoptive family in cultivating a supportive environment to help achieve permanency for the child.


  1. Therapists are very significant in the lives of adoptive families and children, who often experience stress or anxiety as a result of transitioning into a new family. Therapists work with children and families to resolve any underlying issues, and help them to establish bonds and form trust with their new family members.


With whichever career path you choose to embark on, it can be helpful to begin as a volunteer at an organization that specializes in caring for orphans. When you are ready to step into a more permanent position, a web search of ‘foster care agencies’ or ‘orphans,’ followed by the name of your city will typically generate strong results. Browsing through a particular site will allow you to find out what the organization does, and how your individual skills could contribute to their ongoing work.


In addition, most states have their own Department of Children and Families that partners with different childcare agencies. Reaching out to these departments is an excellent way to uncover job opportunities within the local foster care system!