the Movement Club

Movement Clubs are student-led orphan care service groups in high schools all across America.

The Movement: Homeschool Edition

August 28, 2014


My name is Sarah Pardue, I am a senior in high school, and I am homeschooled. That’s right you heard me, I am homeschooled. Typically at this point in a conversation I get questions like “do you actually do school?” or “do you stay in your pajamas all day?” or, my personal favorite, “do you...

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Christmas In Honduras – Brentwood High

July 16, 2014


For our service project this semester, we collaborated with another group who is also dedicated to orphans and orphan care! We took over Old Navy for the afternoon and bought clothes for kids in an orphanage in Honduras. We got to personally pick out clothes for each kid, as well as write them notes wishing...

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  • “The Movement has shown me that I am not the only student who cares about orphans. That I don't have to make the plight of the orphans known all by myself."

    Tori Hook, student

  • “The Movement has been such a great opportunity for me to show the love of Christ to others. It's opened my eyes and given me awareness about orphans around the world."

    Caroline Lee, student

  • “The Movement has been an opportunity for me as a student to make a difference in the world.

    Bryan Walker, student

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