Friends. We are SO excited to share with you how the Lord is growing and changing the Movement Clubs and want to invite you to come alongside of us in this new and exciting season!




Most of you may have heard of the Red Bus Project… For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is Show Hope’s college initiative. For the last several years Show Hope has had the High School program, The Movement (that’s you guys), and the College program, The Red Bus Project. But not anymore!


Pressing forward, ALL high school AND college students will be apart of The Red Bus Project!

So whether you’re brand new to the Movement or you’ve been with us since the beginning, we want you to join us! We want everyone who’s involved in the Movement to join the Red Bus Project! We’re bringing the red bus to YOU.


So why this big change?


Well, Show Hope’s Student Initiative exists to care for orphans by developing student leaders to mobilize communities. While in the past we’ve done this in two separate ways for high school and college students, now we want to join forces so together we can make an even bigger impact. We believe that students, no matter college or high school, have the ability to change the world…so why not give them even more opportunities to do so?

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Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “how can I make a difference without starting a Movement club?Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You can start by becoming an Orphan Defender. Orphan Defenders can do two main things: give or start a chapter.


Why give? Because every 18 seconds another child around the world becomes an orphan. By simply giving any amount, you can help restore the hope of a family for orphans in distress.   


Why start a chapter? Because you can lead your peers in caring for orphans! Grab some friends, put your heads together, and collectively find ways that you can positively impact orphans in your community and around the world. Get creative! We love highlighting the crazy things Chapters do to speak up for the fatherless.  


For those of you who are already part of a Movement Club, you are now a Red Bus Project Chapter! That was easy, right? So keep up the great work!


What’s next? Go follow the Red Bus Project on social media and tell your friends to do the same! Then, head to the website and sign up to become an Orphan Defender so you can start making an impact.


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We’re BEYOND excited to be joining forces! Ready? Set? HERE WE GO!