A few weeks ago, we posted three project ideas for you and your club!

Here’s 3 more project ideas that you and your club can start gearing up for next semester!426337_311758548876337_1624390853_n


#4: Support an Adoptive Family-

Families who are adopting have many different needs that your club can easily help meet! Whether it is financial help through hosting a bake sale or simply providing them with diapers, you can help come along side them and support them through the adoption process.


#5: Local Service Days-

Find an organization in your area that you can serve at as a club. It could be anything from a local children’s home or your local foster care system. Find out what needs they have and how you and your club can sere them in helping meet those needs.


#6: Graduation Party for Foster Care-

Talk to your local foster care providers about the idea of throwing a graduation party for their graduating seniors. This is a project you will need to begin several months in advance, but is a great way to start building a relationship with your local foster care providers. It can be a fun event to celebrate them and all they have accomplished in high school.


We’ll keep building on this list in the weeks to come, so stay connected with us through twitter & instagram (@themovementclub) for more ideas in the future!


What project ideas do you have? Comment below and let us know!