Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy name is Sarah Pardue, I am a senior in high school, and I am homeschooled. That’s right you heard me, I am homeschooled. Typically at this point in a conversation I get questions like “do you actually do school?” or “do you stay in your pajamas all day?” or, my personal favorite, “do you have friends?” If you don’t believe me then just ask any other homeschooler you know and they will most likely agree that these are questions most people have. While these are innocent questions, the truth they reveal is that only homeschoolers will truly understand the advantages and disadvantages it brings. But among what people consider the flaws of homeschooling there are some really great advantages. These range from never having to ride the school bus to having a more flexible schedule. However, one of the greatest advantages of being homeschooled is the opportunities within The Movement to get involved and care for orphans.

I have been involved in The Movement since my freshman year and I have continually seen how being homeschooled benefitted me by allowing me to be more involved. This is mainly because of I have more flexible schedule. Homeschooling allows me to rearrange my day so that I can serve at a children’s home or at DCS on a week day during business hours. I am able to spend a little less time behind a desk in a classroom and a little more time caring for orphans. The Movement also presents advantages to me, as a homeschooler, through providing me a way to get involved in orphan care while having fun working alongside my friends. And let me tell you, we have so much fun! I have met a ton of people I would not have normally met and even discovered new talents by getting involved in club projects. The Movement Club is a great way for you to develop your skills and talents by using them to care for orphans.

Homeschoolers, do not think that because you are homeschooled you cannot be involved in The Movement. Join The Movement by starting a club for the homeschoolers in your area today! It will not be easy, but I promise that you will not regret it. Even if it is just you and a few of your closest friends, you will have so much fun, and in the end it is so worth all the time and work to care for orphans.

-Sarah Pardue, Homeschooled Senior