On November 16th, the Morgan County Movement Club helped me in a concert to raise money for Show Hope. I played the piano and sang with a friend who sang and played guitar for about 2 hours and 30 minutes at our local coffee shop, Perk Avenue. I also created a few presentations that the club members signed up to be involved in. They shared information that would allow the audience to relate to the cause through statistics with posters, information about Show Hope, Maria’s Big House of Hope, and the orphan crisis. I think it was an eye-opening and emotional night because even in a very small town with about 15 families that have adopted, people still weren’t aware of the severity of the orphan crisis. They were really excited that they could be a part of this movement by just donating some money for the cause! People were more than willing to learn and to help out in any way that they could, and the event was a huge success!


We raised a total of $720 for Show Hope, and several people took pamphlets and forms to become advocates for Show Hope! I am already very passionate about this cause, and I found that speaking out and sharing what I can to make an impact made me even more passionate. I also found that if you are passionate about something and share that with others, they will join you in becoming passionate and wanting to help as much as you do, which is the best feeling ever. It makes you feel like you can make a big difference because you have people that support you and your passion. I would really encourage people to push away the fear that may come along with speaking out for something you feel passionate about. I was very scared about starting the Movement Club this year, as well as to how the concert night would turn out, and it was stressful but a MILLION times worth it! Just remember that you can do anything with God at your side, so you don’t need to worry about being rejected or embarrassing yourself for taking a stand in what you believe in. I’m so happy that I could help raise money for Show Hope in this way, and I hope that many more people will take a part in this wonderful movement!