1982217_493811407391078_1386539448_n Last week, we gave 3 easy steps for you to hand off your Movement Club and leadership role when you graduate. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop being involved in orphan care! Today, we want to tell all of you awesome seniors about an opportunity you have in college to stay engaged with orphan care!


20141023-DSC_0038 copyAt Show Hope, our college outreach program is called the Red Bus Project. It is an operational double decker bus – turned mobile thrift store – that travels from college to college, raising awareness about the needs of orphans and mobilizing orphan care advocates.


When the bus arrives on a college campus, students can donate or buy clothing from the bus. All of the funds raised by the thrift store will go towards orphan care advocacy.  But that’s not all! The Red Bus Project Internship is also a ministry leadership-training course.


As an intern you will experience the behind the scenes aspect of non-profit business in a unique hands-on environment. This is not a “get me my coffee and dry cleaning” type scenario. This is a chance to join the Show Hope team and invest your strengths and passion in a dynamic learning environment where we work together towards a common cause.  During a semester with us, you will grow personally, professionally, and spiritually alongside a small community of other interns.1922439_492302294208656_807537853_n


When asked what the most important lesson she learned during her internship was, one of our Fall 2014 interns shared this:


“To never underestimate the power of God and all that He can accomplish. At least once a day while on tour and now post-tour, I am blown away by what God did on every campus, in every city, and in each of us. I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am since I know that He can do immeasurably more, but to have seen and experienced it every day for a month brought that to life more than I had ever known. I learned to stop believing I had to do it all and instead put my trust in Him because He can use even more to accomplish so much if I put my trust wholeheartedly in Him.”  -Amber Hurm



So as you’re planning what you want to do in life after high school and dreaming about what the future holds, consider joining our team for a semester! Just because you can no longer be apart of the Movement, does not mean you have to put orphan care on pause. You can continue to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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