Recently, we asked the president of The Movement at SBEC, Kristen James, some questions about the Movement…here’s what she had to say!


 How did you get involved with/hear about The Movement Club?

I heard about the Movement Club through my school

 What is The Movement Club to you?

The Movement Club is an amazing way to spread awareness about orphans to teenagers and getting them involved in helping in the orphan crisis

What is the favorite thing you have ever done with the club?

I would have to say my favorite thing was being able to hear the many stories about adoptions that people in my school have experienced and how God worked in their lives through that experience

What has God shown to you while being part of this club?

Actually my first day in the club last year (I was new to it) Allison Johnson was talking about her trip to Haiti and how she was able to reach out to those kids there and through that God touched me and revealed to me that I’m called to missions and called to work with children.

Who is The Movement Club open to?

The Movement Club is open to anyone with a heart for orphans and a willing attitude to help

Describe the club in three words. Explain.

Informing, caring, reaching.

Informing- the Movement Club does an amazing job informing people about the orphan crisis

Caring- the club cares for these orphans and there families and genuinely desires to help them

Reaching- the club takes what they can to reach these orphans with the help they need and also with the word of Christ.

How have you benefited for being part of this club?

I have benefited from this club by being able to hear God speak to me and call me to what his plan is for my life. It also gave me a new appreciation for orphans and those needing help and Christ around the world.

Has the club inspired you to do anything?

The club has inspired me to become more involved in missions.

What does a typical meeting consist of? What about service projects?

In a typical meeting, we watch videos of orphans/adoptions, have discussions, or the members share adoption experiences. Most service projects are bake sales where the funds go to a local adopting family or are gifts/cards that the class brings together to help encourage or help a local adopting family.


We love getting to hear from students like Kristen, and how the Lord had used the Movement in their lives! What’s your Movement Club story?