Show Hope’s  Global Training Program trips are designed to equip students (age 15-22) to become orphan care advocates and leaders in their culture. These once in a lifetime trips are intended to help students discover their unique response to God’s instructions to care for orphans and to provide the tools needed to start advocating and leading others upon returning home. Read below as Graham Walters talks about his trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope and why he joined The Movement Clubs.

My name is Graham Walters, and I attend Brentwood High School, where I am part of the Movement Club. The Movement Club is a student-led, orphan-care service club that can be found in high schools all across the country. I joined this club because of my passion for orphan care and my desire to be apartGWblog1 of the “movement” to take a stand and be the difference in the life of orphans all around the world.

My journey in orphan care began this past summer in 2014 when I went on Show Hope’s Short Term Mission Trip to China. There, I was part of an amazing team, and I learned so much about how to better equip myself for orphan care. I feel much more confident about teaching others, and I am very happy I get to share my experience and knowledge with my fellow classmates through the Movement Club.

It is very important to me that I use the talents and gifts that God has given me for HIS purpose. Loving and caring for orphans is something God calls us to do. I was fortunate enough to be able to love and care for orphans in China while also being able to utilize the gifts I have been given. I have many fond memories of sitting around with my team, playing guitar, and enjoying time together worshiping the Lord. Being able to use music as a tool for worship is a privilege I will never take for granted. I will always be thankful for the opportunity I had in China, and the memories I made that will always be cherished.GWblog3

On my trip to China, I learned that caring for orphans is more than just physically being present with them. It is important to realize that prayer and worship are also vital to the love and care we give orphans. In China, my team and I took time to pray for each, individual child and we thanked the Lord for what he has given us and the many things he has been able to provide to those orphans in China.

GWblog2My advice to high schoolers around the country looking to get involved in orphan care is to see how you can get involved in your community. Whether it is raising awareness in your school, holding fundraisers for families looking to adopt, or even talking to your friends, look for ways, big or small, you can be apart of the “movement” to better care for orphans. It is also important to keep praying. Pray for the orphans all around the world, and see what God has planned for you.


-Graham Walters