Nothing speaks to a student like a student.1907409_10203847534296282_5344142361026004029_n

I never heard that statement until I became a Red Bus Project intern for this semester, but it is a statement that I firmly believe in. It sparked a fire in me that I didn’t know could ever be a part of who I am.

In high school, I was that shy girl who stuck to her schedule like Velcro. Apart from my everyday routine, I was a mess. I refused to try new things, to be a voice for someone or something, or to simply speak my mind around my own friends. I figured it didn’t matter or that I would get judged for saying something because maybe one other person disagreed with it.

Looking back, I should’ve spoken up. Not for myself, but for the more than 140 million orphans around the world.

More. Than. 140 Million. Orphans.

That’s a huge number, but you know what?! You have a voice; use it! When high school students get pumped up about something, others take note and follow. You guys refuse to stay quiet and I LOVE it!

Don’t ever believe for one second that your voice isn’t loud enough or that you can’t make a difference. I told myself that so many times in high school and I sat on the sideline for 4 years, watching everyone else do life and get excited and passionate about certain things. Even if that certain thing was the upcoming basketball game, the students made a ruckus.

Imagine if you and your friends got as fired up about orphan care as the student section at your high school. Since you’re reading this blog right now, you’re probably already aware of the orphan crisis. You may be one of those students, like me, who has all the statistics memorized and could tell practically anyone about orphan care and the global orphan crisis. All you have to do is speak up.

What’s the next step in “speaking up”, you may ask. Get involved. If there’s not a Movement club at your school, apply to start your own! Get your friends in on it and make them aware of the orphan crisis! Once you start a Movement club, brainstorm and decide on a service project you and your friends can do to get involved in orphan care. You don’t have to go on a mission trip overseas to do this; you can volunteer at a local children’s home or collect duffle bags for children in foster care or throw a graduation party for children in foster care or host a supply drive to collect items to send overseas to Maria’s Big House of Hope (just to name a few). If your school already has a Movement club, find out how you can get involved! You don’t have to run your own club; sometimes it’s as easy as getting involved in something that’s already there.

The more than 140 million orphans lost their voice. They can’t speak up for themselves and that’s why you and I have to step up. You’re not in this alone either! Jesus calls us to care for orphans in James 1:27, but guess what?! He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. He’s going to walk alongside you during the entire journey. He’s going to prepare you for what He’s calling you to do. He’s going to put people in your life to walk alongside you, people like those of us here at Show Hope, your friends at school, and the people in your community that you’ll partner up with for your service projects that will help you.

Use your voice and speak up, because nothing speaks to a student like a student.

Amber Hurm, Red Bus Project intern