In James 1:27, we are called to look after orphans in distress. As a college student, what better way to impact the orphan crisis than to empower younger students to do the same!


College students have the unique opportunity to engage high school students in the movement to care for orphans by not only sharing their personal experiences in advocating on behalf of the fatherless, but by listening to the hearts of other students who want to get involved.


Here are 5 ways to empower high school students to care for orphans:


  1. Listen, listen, listen


One of the most important ways that college students can empower high school students is by truly listening to and hearing their hearts. Offer to take them out for coffee after youth group or grab lunch after church! Let them tell you their story and share their ideas and passions with you. College students have a unique opportunity to mentor high school students because they are just a few years removed from high school themselves!

  1. Set a good example by engaging in the orphan crisis yourself!


Another great way to engage high school students in the movement to care for orphans is to be involved in impacting the orphan crisis yourself! Whether that looks like becoming a Red Bus Project advocate and starting a RBP Chapter on your campus, fundraising for Show Hope, raising awareness in your city, or volunteering at a children’s home, you are showing high school students that you are genuinely passionate about caring for orphans! Although you might not think so, many high school students look up to their older peers in college. They will see your efforts and be encouraged to get involved!


  1. Share about your own experiences


Sharing about your own experience in caring for orphans is one of the most effective ways to empower high school students! Take the time to talk with high school students and share how you first got started in advocating for the fatherless. Share the various ways that you have made an impact, and most importantly share the challenges you faced and what you learned along the way! Offer to give them resources that you have found helpful and share any advice that might be beneficial as they begin their journey in advocating for orphans.


  1. Help them start a Movement Club at their school


If you haven’t heard about Show Hope’s Movement Clubs, they are student-led orphan care service groups in high schools all across America! A great way to empower high school students is to help them start a movement in their own school. Offer to partner with a student to be a contact person for their club and be available to mentor them on how to recruit members, spread the word about the orphan crisis, and host fundraisers! Help them plan their meetings and even attend some of the events and service days if you have the chance! If there is already a Movement Club at their school, encourage them to get involved or offer to partner with them in hosting a Show Hope shindig!


  1. Volunteer with them!


Another great way to empower high school students is to go with them and volunteer at an organization that focuses on caring for vulnerable children. Instead of simply listing places that students can get involved, actually going and serving together will not only give you the opportunity to talk with the students and listen to them, but also gives you the opportunity to serve a precious child.