The Movement Club is the high school initiative of Show Hope. These clubs are active across the country, striving to make a positive impact in the lives of orphans! This Movement is a student-led service club which focuses on orphan care advocacy and action. Each quarter, members of Movement Clubs complete one service project, ranging anywhere DSC_0448from garage sale fundraisers to benefit concerts to collecting supplies for care centers — the possibilities are endless! Here are five great reasons to start a club in your own high school:




  1. Young people are not often recognized for all they are capable of, despite their unlimited potential. Movement Clubs are a terrific way to challenge the stereotype of teenagers by leading a group of your peers in making an impact for orphans around the world!
  2. Movement Clubs are a unique opportunity to strengthen your friendships on a deeper level. Instead of spending time DSC_0113at the mall or watching a movie together, creating a club can bring you and your friends closer through collective acts of service, where everyone can enjoy contributing and making a difference.
  3. Beginning your own Movement Club can also be beneficial for personal growth, as you enter into a calling that is not self-seeking or developed out of selfish ambition. By taking small steps to care for the more than 140 million orphans worldwide, you will inspire others to look for ways to use their gifts and resources to bless the global population.
  1. Spreading awareness about the orphan crisis is a great way to enhance your leadership abilities. By participating in a Movement Club, you will not only gain incredible volunteer experience, but you will also improve your leadership abilities, which will be incredibly helpful in future personal and professional endeavors.
  2. If you do decide to start a Movement Club, you’ll be in good company. There are countless individuals and adoptive families who are already restoring hope to orphans. Additionally, many celebrities and public figures — from Oprah Winfrey to Amy Poehler to Tim Tebow — are involved with orphan care, which may come as a surprise to you!


The Movement Club is a powerful way for high school students to transform the lives of orphans around the world. For more information on joining an existing club, or for insight on how to start your own, visit the Movement Club’s website here!