With more than 140 million orphans around the world in need of hope, the more people advocating on their behalf, the better! A few months ago, Show Hope shared this blog of practical ways to care for orphans as a group. You can utilize these ideas to get your family involved! Your family members are an incredible resource to help you advocate for orphans. Here are a few suggestions for how to get your family engaged in orphan care:


  1. Donate Gift Cards

On a local level, you can purchase a few gift cards for groceries or restaurants and donate them to your city’s Department of Child Services. Many times, children are taken from unsafe family situations late at night, when a number of businesses are not open. The task to find these children food is then left up to the social worker. Providing $5 or even $10 gift cards will be much appreciated by social workers who are on call during these hours.


  1. Save a Drink

Each family member can sacrifice their daily beverage of choice — coffee, smoothie, soda — and give that amount to an organization or ministry focused on orphan care. While it may only be $5 or less, every dollar counts!


  1. Utilize Social Media

There is a strong possibility that your siblings or a parent in your family uses some form of social media. By sharing a photo on Instagram, or posting a status update on Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach a large group of people at once! Comment on what compels you about the photo, or why orphan care matters to you. Often, a strong photo or thoughtful caption can catch someone’s attention and move them into action.


  1. Pray as a Family

You can take the time to pray as a family, asking the Lord to show you additional opportunities to care for orphans, and that these children would be placed in loving forever families. There is power in prayer, especially gathered together as a family unit. Be open to hearing what the Lord has for you, to serve in whatever capacity you can. Visit showhope.org/pray to sign up for monthly prayer updates from Show Hope.
Hopefully these ideas are helpful for you! Enjoy this quality time as a family while making a positive impact in the lives of orphans around the world.