Show Hope recently shared 4 Historical Figures Who Cared For Orphans! Read below to learn more about these inspiring individuals!
Photo by Fred Miller / CC BY / Modified from original

Photo by Fred Miller / CC BY / Modified from original


As we look back over history, there are countless individuals who have devoted their lives to caring for vulnerable children. Here are four historical figures who have championed the cause of orphans! Is there anyone you would add to this list? Comment below and let us know!

1. Mother Teresa

She launched Missionaries of Charity, a global organization devoted to caring for, in her words, “all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society.” Her dedication to orphan care and to restoring dignity and worth to those who find themselves most vulnerable continues to inspire and give hope to millions around the world.

2. William Wilberforce 

He was an English politician and theologian in the early 19th century. He aided in the movement to abolish the slave trade and is well-known for his philanthropic missions. He gave sizable amounts of his annual income to charity, focusing on the needs of marginalized groups – single mothers, orphaned infants, and at-risk juveniles. His advocacy helped bring to light the plight of orphaned children in the 19th century…


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