Are you struggling to choose a college major? Or are you still not sure you chose the right one? Though it can be an overwhelming decision, there are many college majors that can help you care for orphans. It’s that easy to get involved!


Here are three different college majors and how they can help restore hope to orphans:


  1. Language Major


Being able to speak another language is a valuable skill! Communication is key in every activity and when it comes to orphan care, it enables organizations like Show Hope to care for the fatherless. Show Hope has served families from over 50 countries, something that could not have been accomplished without communication between adoption agencies and potential families. This means that when the Show Hope staff goes abroad to their Care Centers in China, it is so helpful to have an understanding of the language or to have a translator available. So, practice whichever languages you’re learning and use that knowledge to help serve orphans around the world!


  1. Health Care Major


Without the advocacy of a family, medical resources are often limited for orphans. These precious children frequently need high-quality medical care to prevent complications like malnutrition or parasitic infections. However, college students who are familiar with health care, whether your goal is to become a doctor or whether you are interested in public health, have a great opportunity to use their knowledge of medicine to care for vulnerable children. Show Hope’s Care Centers were built to provide life-giving medical care for orphans with special needs in the Henan province of China. By gaining the appropriate skills, you have the ability to use your health care major to provide care for orphans around the world!


  1. Communications Major


College students with knowledge in communications, such as advertising, writing and public relations, are a valuable part of the movement to care for orphans! Think about it: the best way to get more people involved is to tell people about the issue! Many people are unaware that there are more than 140 million orphans around the world. By knowing how to best connect with others and inform people about the issue, you have the opportunity to speak up for orphans and help them find loving families!


How are you called to care for these children? There are so many ways to get involved! If you’re a college student, be sure to check out the Red Bus Project, which aims to care for orphans by developing student leaders.