269261_415712321814292_1338784843_nStudents have the potential to change the world. Many people don’t give them the credit they deserve, but students are capable of far more than some may expect. Students are passionate individuals and have a special opportunity to stand among their peers and be a voice for the 140 million orphans in the world.


Below are a few ways that you can empower younger students to join you in the movement to care for orphans:


  1. Set an example

Don’t you remember when you were in middle school and the older students seemed so cool and grown up? Everyone wanted to be like the older kids. Well, that idea still applies today!


If you are a junior or senior in high school, YOU have a unique opportunity. Knowing that younger students are looking up to you for direction and guidance, you can set an example that empowers them to stand up and be the voice for orphans. So how do yo553928_415711878481003_1490025770_nu actually set a good example? Well, one way is to embrace your role as a student leader and show them that they are capable of becoming a leader too. Many students may shy away from a leadership position but by showing them that you enjoy being a leader and that you have assisted in making an impact in the orphan crisis, can encourage them to seek a similar opportunity.

Secondly, you can set an example by asking them to pray with you. Not only will you be receiving their support but they will also see your complete dependence and reliance on God to guide you, which will help them do the same.



  1. Support them

Being in high school is a unique time of life because a student is presented with a variety of opportunities to join clubs, organizations, or sports teams. It’s a time of exploration and discovery, making it an excellent opportunity for the upperclassmen to inspire younger students to try something new.


To do this, young students need to know that they can join a Movement Club at their school! The Movement is one of Show Hope’s student initiatives and involves giving high school students an opportunity to take a stand and be the difference in the life of an orphan! A high school student’s role would be to join a group of their peers in raising money and performing service projects that benefit orphans. Knowing that an older student is pulling for them, willing to offer assistance and guidance and praying for their success is the support a younger student needs to join a club and eventually become a club leader!


  1. Share your stories

One of the best and easiest ways to motivate another person to join the movement to care for orphans is to share with them the ways you’ve seen God provide and use your ministry to make a difference in the world. Stories, testimonies, and personal experiences make your mission work come alive. Not only will this encourage those who hear your stories to join, but it will also remind you about why YOU care so much about orphans, ultimately making you a better and more passionate advocate for your cause.


There are so many ways to encourage students around you by simply being their biggest supporter. You may be surprised how much they can teach you in return!