For you seniors out there – Congratulations! You have one last semester of high school. Crazy, right? This semester will be packed full of college decisions, questions about the future, and lots of other exciting things that come with this season of change. For those of you who are leading Movement Clubs at your school, here are some steps to help you hand off your club and leadership role, so that your club continues to grow and make a difference even after you’re in college!


#1: Choose a Replacement

This could be your co-president or other officers in your club (if they are at least one grade below you) or a different member of your club. If you don’t already have someone in mind, start thinking of students in your club who you believe will be able to assume the responsibilities of Club President.


#2: Begin Handing Responsibility to New President

Once you’ve found someone who is interested in leading the club, you can begin to train them! They can start to help you plan and prepare for meetings, lead meetings, and help with other logistics. They can also help oversee any club projects over the course of the semester.


#3: Introduce Your New Club President!

By the time graduation rolls around in May, the new president should be ready to take the reigns! By slowly teaching him/her and transitioning the responsibilities, they should now have a good understanding of the Movement Club and what their role entails. Remind your new president to fill out this form so we know how to get in touch with them!


We hope these steps help you during this time of transition! Keep in mind that every club is different, so there may be a method that works better for you and your club. Enjoy your last semester, not only as a Movement Club president, but also as a high schooler!


Want to stay involved in the movement to care for orphans after you graduate? Check out Show Hope’s college program, The Red Bus Project!