One of the greatest things about the Movement Club, is getting to hear about students who experience orphan care first hand, and then respond with action. We asked Mary May Molitor, the Movement: Homeschool Edition in Buena Vista president, why she started a Movement Club. Here’s what she had to say:


I have always had a special place in my heart for those in need, especially orphans. I have wanted to go to Africa on a mission trip for a long time, and just this past summer the Lord opened up a door for me to go. I  (along with my older brother) went with a group from Nashville, TN. We went out to Nashville a little early to meet the team and spend some time with some of our mom’s college friends. One of her friends, Kristin Henke, took me to the Show Hope office where I learned about The Movement Club!
As I then traveled across the world to Masindi, Uganda to spend time with orphans, I kept thinking and praying about The Movement Club. While I was there, spending time with orphans, seeing the need in person, I knew I wanted to do something for them. They have so much love for strangers, despite all their hardships. They wrote me letters, telling me they loved me and never will forget me, I wrote telling them I loved them, and I would never forget them. In several of the letters I received they asked me for basic needs. We gave what we could but they still needed things. It broke my heart to leave, but coming back I knew I could start a Movement Club and make a difference with my peers!
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