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Am I allowed to share my own experiences and stories about orphan care within my club?

Of course! “Nothing speaks to a student like a student!” Share about your first hand experiences with orphans whether through adoption, mission trips, or your heart for the orphan in general. Keep in mind that The Movement must always maintain the dignity of ALL children. So, make sure that you share stories in such a way that if they were your story, you wouldn’t be embarrassed. This is also a good opportunity to open up to other students within your club- who else has experienced the orphan first hand? “It’s one thing to talk about the millions of orphans within the world; it’s another thing to hold an orphan.”

Am I allowed to start a Movement group on Facebook just for my Movement club?

Yes. Send The Movement a link to your page so we can see what is going on with your club!

Am I allowed to talk to my church about The Movement even though The Movement is not a self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ organization?

Yes. However, ensure a proper evaluation of the situation. Is speaking to a youth group okay with your club members? Is your school okay with allowing a club that reaches out to youth groups? And, of course, make sure that it’s okay with the youth pastor/ leader/ mentor and that they are kept well informed about what you will specifically be talking about. Remember, The Movement must positively reflect well its core values and the good work of Show Hope.

Are there forms that I can use to prove the validity of my club and its finances when reaching out to my community to ask for money?

Yes. Go to our Resources tab. Depending on the Fundraiser, forms may differ. Your school may also have forms that you must fill out in order to deal with the money situation.

Does my sponsor need to apply to The Movement as well?

No. As long as you (the student) has the signature of a sponsor, the sponsor does not need to ‘apply’. However, there is a section within our website that you can point your sponsor to so that they may find out more information and find resources as well.